We are now counting down to this amazing event, were you get 48 nonstop hours of wicked music by Bergen based artists, all in support for Vers Libre! As already stated in a previous blogpost, the Vers Libre community are organizing a 48 hours live stream fundraiser! The aim is to raise as much money as possible for Vers Libre – every donation will help.

Vers Libre 48 timers DJ-stream

The DJ’s playing this amazing Vers Libre event

I promised to give you an update when the line-up is ready, and I believe you are in for a sweet treat here. Just look at this list of amazing people participating for Vers Libre.

Alexander De Battista Kvamme / Alexander Grande / Alskua / Anders G / Bbjackson / Bjørn Torske / Brute Lee /
club.feet b2b Trym Søvdsnes / Dj Subway / Dypdykk. Nora & Tuva / Evy Gee / Hildisvíni / Inish / Jamlover /
johanistyle / Julie Silset / Karolinski / Kjell–Arild / KlystErik / Kval / Lars Jaffke / Luke Drozd / Mag D(ubois) /
Malene Monslaup / Marius Bakke / Minus Magnus / Morten Joe / Mørk / Niilas / Olav Eggestøl / Oscar Warpe /
Our Friend Emily / Papillon djs / Reckless Kettle / Romskip & Planeter / Rudi Valdersnes / Said Warya /
Sambucca Queen / Simon Opitz / Sindre Ruud / Skaldr / Skatebård / Snorre Magnar Solberg / Solace /
Stine Lundberg / Technogutt / Thomas Urv

I can tell you right now, the music will be epic!

Party with online radio live streaming
The 48 hour livestream will be an amazing party.

The Vers Libre Line-up

The timeslots are given in local time Oslo/Europe (UTC+2):

May 14, Day 1

18:00 Niilas
19:00 Alskua (Keep It Freaky)
20:00 Reckless Kettle (Keep It Freaky)
21:00 Hildisvíni (Keep It Freaky)
22:00 Bjørn Torske
23:00 Anders G

May 15, Day 2

00:00 Mag D(ubois)
01:00 – 02:59 Dypdykk (Nora & Tuva)
03:00 Stine Lundberg (Svette Føtter)
04:00 Karolinski (Fjordfjellogdaler)
05:00 Minus Magnus (Mhost Likely)
06:00 Technogutt
07:00 Morten Joe (The Luminous Cactus)
08:00 Said Warya (Svette Føtter)
09:00 Olav Eggestøl (Mhost Likely)
10:00 Lars Jaffke
11:00 Our Friend Emily (Keep It Freaky)
12:00 Papillon djs
13:00 Kval (Konsept X)
14:00 johanistyle
15:00 Skaldr
16:00 Luke Drozd (Thunks and Thuds)
17:00 Bbjackson
18:00 Simon Opitz (Balsa Wood)
19:00 Kjell–Arild
20:00 club.feet b2b Trym Søvdsnes (Ambivalent Airwaves & Pigs in Space)
21:00 Malene Monslaup
22:00 Skatebård
23:00 KlystErik (Veldig Klubb)

May 16, Day 3

00:00 Romskip & Planeter (Veldig Klubb)
01:00 Mørk (Veldig Klubb)
02:00 Dj Subway (Veldig Klubb)
03:00 Sindre Ruud
04:00 Brute Lee (Klubb Karma)
05:00 Evy Gee
06:00 Inish (Resilience Recordings)
07:00 Solace
08:00 Jamlover
09:00 Oscar Warpe (Fleecekis)
10:00 Alexander De Battista Kvamme (Fleecekis)
11:00 Alexander Grande
12:00 Rudi Valdersnes (Vogel Tanzen)
13:00 Julie Silset (Vogel Tanzen)
14:00 Thomas Urv (PLOINK)
15:00 Marius Bakke Petersen (Svette Føtter)
16:00 Snorre Magnar Solberg (Club No-No)
17:00 Sambucca Queen

There are many interesting names worth mentioning on this list, but since we all have a bit different taste in music, I will just leave it like this. None mentioned, none forgotten. It will surely be an interesting event with lots of amazing music of all sorts. And just to be a bit shameless, afterall this is my own blog, pay specially close attenton to day 3 at 0800 hours. For the first time in a very long time ages ?, I will play a live dj set, completely located outside my own comfortzone, at a different location from the inside of my own house, and the “press record now” button. I will do my best to not give shame to the radio station and the rest of the magnificent list of people joining the event. My plan is to give you one hour of aboslutely groovin’ music; think techno inspired drums, electronic basslines that will force your feet to groove between 124-128 BPM ?

Please help Vers Libre if you can (I know you want to)

Help Vers Libre
Please help Vers Libre if you can.

To round things off on a bit more serious note. The pandemic have hit the radio station hard. Whatever you have to spend, help out. Every little bit counts! And don’t say you can’t do anything, because it’s not true. If you don’t have any money to spend, it’s okay. Perhaps you can give a few seconds of your valuable time and share this event with your friends in social media? The more who knows about it, the better.*
As I said, every little bit counts.

Who is Vers Libre

Vers Libre is an independent, freeform radio station broadcasting from Bergen, Norway. We give the host total control over what music they play. For several years the radio station has been a focal point for the young music community in Bergen.

The pandemic hit the radio station hard, so now it’s time for the community to give something back. We will be playing back-to-back, non-stop, in the Vers Libre studio for 48 hours. The stream is free, airing from 18.00 14th of May to 18:00 16th of May.

You can tune in at any time to hear some great tunes and support Vers Libre through Patreon!Money from the fundraiser will go to keep the studio running and the decks spinning. If you want to have a radio show, apply directly through our Patreon Page as a creator – everyone is welcome.All proceeds earnt from the stream will be donated 100% towards the cause – keepin the vibe alive!

For most up to date information, I suggest you head over to Vers Libre main website.

Support us here: www.patreon.com/verslibre
More info on the stream herewww.verslib.re/djstream

Vers Libre on Mixcloudhttps://www.mixcloud.com/verslibre/