Vers Libre is hosting an amazing event starting May 14, at 1800 UTC+2.

For 48 hours there will be DJ’s spinning back to back nonstop for 48 hours live from the studio in Bergen. The line-up is set to be no less than amazing, and you can absolutely be guaranteed a good time listening. 

Here is what you need to enjoy this fantastic event:

A computer/phone/tablet with internet (duuuh), and you can listen to the show directly on the Vers Libre website: and/or on Mixcloud:

This is a fundraising event to keep the Vers Libre decks spinning. The aim is simply put to raise as much money as possible to keep the radio alive. 

What is exactly Vers Libre you may ask? The answer is simple. Vers Libre is an independent, freeform radio station broadcasting from Bergen, Norway. The host is in total control over what music to play. The radio station has been for several years already a focal point for the young music community in Bergen.

As with so many businesses, the pandemic have also hit the radio station hard, and the fundraising event is put in place both to entertain, but also in the hopes for the community to give back. The stream is free to enjoy, but if you have a possibility give a little something, every little donation helps.

As soon as the line-up is officially published, I will let you know.

You can read more about the event over at Vers Libre here:


You can support the radio station on Patreon here:




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