Soulfire Downloads welcomes a new artist to it’s roster with a debut release of their latest track ‘Arpy Voyage’, it’s the turn of Aerospace Project. A dreamy progressive house track with hypnotic synths and a killer break down is exactly what Soulfire Downloads is all about! On remix duty are two of the label’s favourite artists, Michael King and Simon Firth. For the first remix, Michael turns in a more housey version, a slight detour away from the label’s main genre but nontheless a great remix. Adding his own twist yet using the tracks main melodies, this remix would provide a great sound for most dancefloors. For the second remix, Simon enters the stage with his more darker and breaks style interpretation. Again, using the main melodies but adding his trademark sound to the track, this track makes for a great finishing track for any DJ set.

RELEASE DATE 2020-10-22
Catalog name: [SFD060] Aerospace Project – Arpy Voyage