Performing & promoting your livestream

With DJ livestreaming, you have to talk a bit more than at a club gig, but a bit less than at a mobile gig.

Look at the camera. Try to always have stuff moving in the shot. Thing about the interest in your scene and ways to make it more dynamic. Definitely have both you and your DJ gear on show – people are interested in both.

Also, remember you are LIVE. This is the unique thing. So play on that – interact with the live audience. Get conversations going. Do all the stuff you couldn’t do were it a set recording. It’s what makes people feel involved, feel a sense of occasion, and want to come back for more.

Remember to explain who you are, what this is, why you’re doing it, what to expect – and to do so several times, as people will come and go. Tell people where to find the recording and the track list (people always want a track list). Reduce the music volume considerably when talking on the mic.

Oh, and even if you’re nervous, try to look like you’re having fun. The nerves will pass, it’s DJing not open heart surgery and if you make a mistake all will be OK – plus it’s not like you’re charging for it. People will want you to do well. And you will make mistakes – just try and stay calm and carry on from where you left off.

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