One of the things many DJ’s dream about, is receiving promos, to get their hands on the music before it’s released. And I believe that there are quite a few out there who struggle with this. I remember that’s how it used to be a long long time ago when I was actively DJ’ing. Usually if you knew someone in a recordlabel, it was usually possible to get your hands on some promos. The other solution was often to work at a radiostation. Sometimes I was lucky and could benefit from both options, but most of the time I experienced what I believe many others with me have, to be turned down.

Recently there has been an interesting development. I have started receiving quite a few promos. In fact, I have even had to turned down a few. This is a new situation for me, in my journey into the whole music business scene. In a matter of a short amount of time I count more than 40 fresh songs, all of them ranges from okay to completely awesome. This has given me the opportunity to give a little shout out to the artists and labels with these promos. And as a result, I have decided to post about it here. So starting now, all new promos that I really like, will be written about on the blog. To give people a heads up, and something to look forward to, I will try to post hopefully as much as a week before the actual release day. As best as I can, I will also provide links to the artist, so that you have easy access to the information you need and seek.

To mix or not

This new situation gives me the chance to do something new. I’ve already been thinking about looking into podcasting. Not sure if it’s my thing or not. But one thing I am considering, is to use these fantastic promos, and make a dedicated dj mix for you to enjoy over at Mixcloud. All mixes will of course also be posted to this website. For now these are all thoughts, but could be interesting to do. I cannot promise you will hear it first here, but there is a chance that some of the songs will be mixed for your pleasure before it’s available in the stores.

Moving forward

One thing is certain. Jamlover Productions is moving forward. The momentum might very well be slow, and for me that’s quite okay. There are so many things to learn, that rushing things is out of the question. Moving forward in my own pace; Slow and steady.

What do you think? Learning about new promos, is that something you would consider interesting reading? And what about podcasting or dj mixing? Podcast – like a radio kind of show, playing a bit of the songs, talking about the releases, or dj mix, just enjoy the music? Or perhaps something in between?
Share your thoughts in the comments, or in social media.