It has been way too long since my last update. Basically a time out had to be called, and then quiet space was introduced. With that I mean for the most part the website and social media in regards of Jamlover Productions went quiet. Why? you might ask. The answer, is simple, really simple. But before I go into that, let’s recap a bit.

Before the end of last year Jamlover Productions started gaining a little traction. One new release, one remix, some blogposts and a few dj mixes was done. In addition I tried to be active in social media. This benefited Jamlover Productions a bit, but not too much either. Then the idea of creating a few playlists to curate emerged. This was a chance to let other people get heard, and at the same time, hopefully gaining more traction both to the website and in social media as a whole. It did help a bit. That’s true. At the same time some energy was put in the backend of the site, trying to keep it both stable and operational. Thankfully I also managed to work on a bit of music. But all of a sudden, I just went quiet.

I stopped pushing my tracks, and even though I never really managed to get that many streams on Spotify, now when looking back, I can notice a difference in the amount of streams with and without active promoting. At most, I had sonewhere between 90 and 100 monthly listeners for quite a while. As mentioned in a previous post, I did try out facebook promotion on a very very tight budget, but for the topic being discussed here, I’m not including that bit. It does matter to be active in social media. And with very low number of followers, it is hard. It takes a lot of effort and energy, just to get a very few streams. So to say that nothing comes for free, well in this line of business, it’s true. It may not be money you have to invest, but you need to put in both time and effort.

So why did I stop? This is just a hobby for now. I have my job. And as you will realize very shortly, there’s a good reason for why I had to prioritize differently.

One of the things in my mind at the end of 2019, is that it would be fun to organically grow, even if it means slow, but hopefully steady. Still, for me I think I got a bit impatient, and got a little bit tired of everything. As long as this is a hobby, it has to be fun, otherwise it kind of makes no sense to me. So I decided, I will take a break from all of this for a little while. And suddenly a little while became quite a while.

And then, dayjob became crazy busy. I’m a teacher, and when Corona came a long, things got busy. So far, I’m staying healthy and Corona free, and that goes for my family as well.

But as I’m writing this post, I’m sitting here smiling. The fun is back. This means I will try to post more interesting stuff, hopefully both music and blogposts. The other day I updated all my playlists, and it’s nice to see there is some traffic with them. Seems like there are a few people who listens to them. A slow start it is, but it’s ok. It’s always a little weird looking at those YouTube stars talking about the struggle of getting traffic, starting from zero, when they already have 10’s, if not 100’s of thousands subscribers streaming and sharing their stuff. Same goes for the professionals with top notch studio equipment chatting away with how you can start out with very basic and cheap equipment, for instance like speakers. They say all you need to do is compare with similar tracks in the style you’re creating. It’s true what they say, but it actually would be better to see them doing the struggle. That way it kind of gets more believable what they are discussing. It’s hard to compare basic computer monitors when the professional arguing it’s okay, all the while in the background you will see those luxury speakers that only sets you back 10k USD each…. ?

I guess this is one of the reasons why I do this. I’m doing the struggle, learning as I go about creating. So why don’t you join the journey. Learning from each other makes everyone a winner ?

So that is also a good reason for following me on my journey. I openly use budget equipment, and hopefully it is possible to learn and master the art of mixing and mastering where this can be useful for the community of bedroom dj’s and producers who want’s to learn.

So with that, stay safe!

Until next time then