I little while ago I decided to try promoting a post I made on my facebook page. This was a post about a certain playlist on Spotify that contains all the songs I’ve released so far. I did promise myself not to spend money promoting my latest release (Nightwalk), because I wanted to see if I can manage by doing it with social media posts and the blog.

Promoted playlist – all my music

I didn’t know what to think with how many streams the release would get, but it has more than 8000 at the time of writing this. I consider that good. I am after all a completely unknown artist, so basically starting from scratch. Yes I have a couple of other songs that’s been streamed quite a lot, but nothing happened over night. Those three songs been online since 2015/2016.

But let’s get back to the topic, the promotion. It cost me $10 and gave me a little bit of exposure. The promoted post was viewed more that 7000 times and generated about 100 clicks. I don’t have actual numbers, but some of them ended up counting as streams I believe. The timeframe was set to 6 days. So if the goal was more exposure, then this could kind of be considered a success. Still, I don’t see it completely that way. I think one of the things we can learn from this, you need a lot of views to generate clicks, and for this to really make a difference, you really need a marketing budget to speak of.

So to give a short summary, $10 gives you about 7000 views and in this case generated 100 clicks, based on this experience. If we use this as a base for setting a marketing budget on this type of Facebook post, the estimated clickrate is 10%. And only a handful of those clicks may end up as spotify plays. The question here is, how long do you have to stream a song on Spotify before it counts as a play. This means, if your song is catchy enough to keep the listener interested for approximately 90 seconds, you may count it as a stream.

To sum it up, based on this little experience, if you want 1000 clicks, you probably need something like 10 000 views or more, and that might give you anything from 0 to 100 streams, a conservative estimate would be somewhere between 1 and 30 streams. This type of deal will set you back about $100,- Do you think it’s a valuable deal? I would say that depends on your goals with this kind of campaign. If you’re doing this for the streams, then absolutely no, it’s not worth it at all. If on the other hand, you want more people to be aware of you and your music, then it might not be such a bad thing. It will help positioning yourself in the world of music for every release you make.

Going back to my stats, the post has been viewed 7000 times. 100 of those decided to click on it. That basically means 100 people found the graphics, and the branding interesting enough to have a closer look. This means that there are now more people aware of my music. This cost me $10, and that’s not so bad. But this alone is not enough.

As long as you take the time, I believe interacting in social media is more effective than ads. That seems to be the case for me. But honestly speaking, doing both is probably better when it comes to increase chances of getting noticed. Ads are very effective that way, because you get to have it shown for those already interested in similar music. Now, when people start associates your name together with other artists the like, that might be very beneficial for you.

Simply put, the more people following you, themore impact you will get for every release. If you manage to keep the heat up, giving yourself a solid presence in social media, doing what we have discussed here will be even more effective. And realizing that you are reading this, blogs can be effective tool as well…

Until next time then…