Let me introduce a brand new mix by Pastor Larm. This is a guest mix to the wonderful podcast series called “We are one”. From the page we can read the following:

Welcome to the WE ARE ONE Podcast Episode 35 featuring Pastor Larm from Bergen, Norway!

The world needs more peace, love & deepness and I think it is about time to take my passion for music out of my living room and share some love and kindness with the world.
In 2017 I created my first personal mix and shared it. Plan? We all have some part in making a better world, and I want to “play” my part..
My main focus has become more Dub Techno and Ambient, but other deep and mellow genres in general are there to embrace.
I have played wonderful music at home since the 90s, but well, passion is passion, and sharing is caring.
Thank you, Pastor Larm, for the wonderful mix!