A month has passed. Now what?

October 11 was a day to remember. That’s when my single Nightwalk was released. And for all who are new to this, just as I am, then comes the question what now?

Let’s first have a look at the status so far. On Spotify Nightwalk has gotten more than 6000 streams. I am thankful and happy with that. With this release I’ve tried to do a bit of marketing using social media. It doesn’t mean I’ve bombarded Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but before the release I did send out regular messages on Twitter and Instagram.

I also tried to push the song to Spotify, but as we all know, it was never added to any Spotify Curated playlists. The good thing I have learned is that there are other possibilities. Spotify themselves are not the only one making playlists. So going back to Twitter I started seeing people asking for new music, so I tweet them back with a link to my song on Spotify. Not sure how many of these I have responded to, but a few. The end result, the song has been added to a couple of playlists,which is great.

And today I decided to put the song on Bandcamp as well. The way I see it, the more places my song pops up, the more chances of it being played. So now and then I continue to tweet back to people asking for new music. It is actually generating a few streams.

One thing I have decided to try, is to curate my own playlists. I have 3 that I have registered with Spotimatch. It is a place where you as an artist can find playlists to pitch your song to. That’s where I found out that some people are charging money for playlist placement. I don’t charge money at all for my lists. Here is what I do. When someone sends me a request, I listen to the song. If it fits the playlist I will add it. Completely free. Then I will contact the artist, sending an email where I thank them for their submission, that I like the song and that I have added it to the playlist. Then I ask them kindly to follow me in social media, share the playlist with their friends and followers, and that I appreciate their support if they also decide to follow me on Spotify.

This is slow work. It has increased my numbers of followers on all social platforms, including Spotify. But of course, not really a whole lot. Still, I find this part somewhat successful. This is not my full time job. This is something I do in my free time, trying my luck, pushing my music and also working on my presence in social media. The good thing here is that when I publish my next release, it will be all of this work repeated again, but with the added bonus, more people will be aware from the moment the release goes live. So when this is not a full tine job, but more a hobby that I can do now and then, it’s safe to say that it’s going slow, but it is going forward. So generally speaking, I’m happy with the numbers I see.

There are many things to learn, and I guess it’s smart to have open eyes, so that when you see an opportunity, try to take it. When you start from 0, it will take both effort and time to become a hero. As you follow along, you’ll see it takes a while.

One thing that I actually did decide to try, is facebook Ads. I’m boosting a post that pushes a playlist I created with all my music. I will write more about that result next time. Lets see what a total budget of around $10 will get you.

Until next time then…