A new essential 4-channel DJ controller from Native Instruments.

Native Instruments introducing Traktor Kontrol S3.

The new controller is packed with everything DJs need to mix
across four decks. October 16th, 2019 – Native Instruments announced TRAKTOR
KONTROL S3, the essential four-channel controller for DJs ready to break into
the world of four-deck DJing, add a new dimension to the way they play, and take
their sets to bigger venues.

Traktor Kontrol S3 with Traktor Pro 3.

From layering beats, to weaving in acapellas, performing with live vocalists and
MCs, or playing back to back, the TRAKTOR KONTROL S3 encourages flexible
DJing that expands the boundaries of performance.

The S3 sees a continuation of the club-standard design language introduced to
the TRAKTOR hardware line last year, with upsized jog wheels, extended pitch
and channel faders, and a clean-cut four-channel mixer section with full EQ, filter,
and Mixer FX control.

Jog wheel light rings give dynamic visual feedback at a glance – with deck
selection, activation, and track-end warnings.
Each deck is equipped with eight RGB pads for triggering Hotcues and loops, as
well as one-shots or looped samples.

The mixer section on the Traktor Kontrol S3. Four mixer effects are available in addition to filter effect.

The TRAKTOR KONTROL S3 also features a high-grade audio interface, with
main and headphone output dynamic range normally only seen on professional
in-house club gear, as well as XLR outputs for plug-and-play connectivity with
larger sound systems.

he TRAKTOR KONTROL S3 is bundled with the full version of flagship DJ
software TRAKTOR PRO 3, and integrates with TRAKTOR DJ 2 for two-deck
DJing on iPad or desktop.

For an overview of all the specifications, you can check out Native Instruments main website here: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/traktor/dj-controllers/traktor-kontrol-s3/specifications/ (opens in new tab)

Pricing and Availability

TRAKTOR KONTROL S3 will be available online and in stores in November 2019.
Pre-orders are open now via the Native Instruments website.
599 EUR, 649 USD, 69800, 499 GBP, 899 AUD, 799 CAD, 4699 CNY, 679 CHF

My thoughts

I think at first glance this controller would be a mistake. Then after some thinking, I believe Native Instruments are on to something here. This controller sits right in the middle of the new S2 and S4 controllers. The S2 might be too simple for some, and the S4 might have too much of all the goodies. Then the S3 comes along. I am currently using the S2. It’s limitation are the 2 channels. With four you get more possibilities. Still, you can do many interesting things with the S2. With the S3 it’s just easier. And a more important note, it’s quite cheaper than the S4 as well. I’d rather see this as an upgraded S2, than a cut down S4. With the S3 you get what you need, the essential bits, and that’s just it, do you need access to all the settings on the effects, or are you basically just using reverb, delay or filter anyway?