First of all I have to say it’s been a fantastic week. Managed to spend a lot of time with my family, wich is always great. In the back of my mind though, I’m kind of thinking, now the song is released, so now what? And that is a great question.

I may have mentioned this earlier, but I’m not really making a living from my music. This is a hobby, and I love it just like this. Still, it’s nice if more than just me likes the music I put out. So we are entering the marketing side of things. The more people who knows, hopefully the more will stream or buy the song.

Spotify curated playlist

One of the things I have learned is that when submitting the release to Spotify, also submit it for platlist consideration. As it seems, “Nightwalk” has not been included. And why could the reason be? I do have a few thoughts on that.

“Nightwalk” not included, why?

First, when it comes to producing music, I’m an amateur. That simply means that the song might not be mixed well enough and of course my humble mastering skills may not be much to talk about. I do not own professional equipment, which means even if my ears are up for the tasks, my loudspeakers or headphones aren’t. I still believe a good mix and master is doable on amateur equipment, but it’s probably going to be harder to get a good result. Comparing “Nightwalk” with other songs on the different speakers I have available was helpful in my attempt to get a working mix and master.

That’s the technical aspect of the song. But what about it’s other qualities? A song that seems to be a blend of progressive house and melodic techno and house, the reggae twist might be completely off for many listeners. That might make it challenging where to place the song. It’s not completely techno, nor house or reggae. I hope it’s seen as original, and by that I mean original in a good creative way. As we all know, taste in music is a subjective thing, and what one find awesome someone else will find lousy. So it’s quite possible that the curators found the song completely… ?

You can make up your own mind about the song, and have a listen via Spotify here:

Nightwalk by jamlover

You can also go to the songpage for more information about the release.

Is it a failure then?

No, I dont see it like that. It is a learning experience. There seems to be other ways to get the music played. Let’s go back to social media. When following a lot of music profiles on let’s say Twitter, sometimes you will see people asking for new music to put in playlists. These playlists are not the official Spotify lists, but user curated, and as it seems, some of them have a large number of followers. So when they ask for new music, I respond. I have already discussed buying playlist placement in an earlier blogpost, and that’s something I don’t want to do.

For now I can’t say much about whether I have been successful or not with “Nightwalk”. I have obviously tried to use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to promote the release. This does not mean promoting is finished. This is an ongoing process. Hopefully sharing my experience will be helpful for your next release.

So I guess I will have to make an update later if I manage to get “Nightwalk” on to a curated playlist.

Until next time then…