Now after digital music is the thing, there has popped up a whole different marked of businesses. As I have learned now with the process of getting a new single released, I have discovered a lot of things I was completely unaware of.

There seems to be businesses that are selling spotify plays, spotify followers and you can even buy placement on several curated playlists that has a lot of followers.

Buy Spotify plays? Buy playlist placement?
Buy Spotify plays? Buy playlist placement?

As an artist, you get paid based on the number of streams you get on the platform. For a company to offer any number of streams as a service that can be bought, means it’s either fake or they are using a system with bots. How will that affect your song when the bots stop playing your song the moment spotify have registered it as a stream, wich could mean they stop the song somewhere in the middle (based on how long the song is).

This brings me over to another topic; song length. Why are so many songs on spotify approximately 2 minutes and 30 to 45 seconds? That is way shorter than what used to be a normal radio version around 3 minutes even up to 3,5 minutes, and sometimes closer to 4 minutes.

Also something has changed in how the songs are built up. Now they start directly, no intro what so ever. Sometimes you could barely say it has an ending, it’s just a grove, som catchy melody and then, the end.

I would like to suggest that this is music taylor made for streaming to maximize profit. Yes the attention span is not so long anymore, so easy to just swipe to the next song. Still I can’t help but think that this is just a convenient way of defending ones creative lazynes.

If people really like a song, they will endure it completely. I believe that. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I really hope I’m not.

I am exactly so old fashioned that I kind of prefer songs that have all the parts, intro, verse, refrain and a proper ending. Even though I kind of never comply with that particular rule with my own songs. But in their own way, they have all the parts.

Today, when writing this, my new release drops tomorrow. I’m not going to try the fake plays or buy playlist placement. I am however trying the good old fashioned way, by trying to get the word out, and hope that as many as possible will like what they hear.

You’ll find more information about my new release here: Release jp2019-02-nightwalk

Until next time then…