“Nightwalk” by jamlover

Did you know that the original idea is from around 1998. It was a melody I started, but never finished. The original atmosphere and melody was kind of inspired by the music I used to listen to, music I really enjoyed. One of the artists I remember clearly is Chicane. Always loved his dreaming atmosphere in his music. Another artist who also inspired the melody is Jean Michel Jarre. His music has played an important role shaping my taste in electronic music. For whatever reason, his music just speaks to me.

Me being me, I like to make things a little different. Originally the song was made in a Drum&Bass rhythmic style, but more soft and a bit more ambient like atmosphere and sound, and the original melody was very distinct in its sound. The original tempo was 150bpm, in other words a little bit slower than classic drum&bass.

At the time a few attempts to make lyrics and have someone sing where made. In the end, the project and the idea faded. Neither lyrics or vocals where ever recorded. That part is lost forever.

It is fun to have managed to rediscover an old idea into something completely different and new. When I started working on this project a few months ago, I never anticipated it would turn out this way.

I hope you will enjoy the song as well.

But all is not completely lost. Thanks to another DJ and friend (Tommy, you have no idea how thankful I am for the opportunity it was to record that and other songs to CD ? in your home studio. It’s because of this, I still have a few mp3’s left of my music from this time on my harddrive). I still have a digital recording of the original idea, even though it’s just a mp3 file.
Good memories. Very good memories.

It’s been quite a while since I lost contact with Tommy and many more good friends from my time in Bodø. New places, new friendships, and the old ones tend to fade. That’s just how it is, and more specifically when you move to different parts of the country.

Thank you for taking the time to follow me on this little trip down the memory lane.

Until next time then.