Presale starts October 1, and the release goes live October 11 in most digital stores, also including streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, Google music, Apple Music and more.

Release JP2019-02: jamlover – Nightwalk

Release JP2019-02: Nightwalk

Artist: jamlover

Label: jamlover Productions

Release: Single (1 track)

Release name: Nightwalk

Distribution: Digital only

Presale: 01.10.2019

Release date: 11.10.2019, World wide


  1. Nightwalk

Listen on Spotify here

About the release

It all started with a new DAW, namely FL Studio. After working a little bit with it, starting a couple of nonsense projects to get familiar with the software, an idea emerged, and as it evolved, it started more and more to sound like something that could be an interesting project. The whole idea started with playing around with some basic techno inspired drums with the added flavor of dub. Then a melody started emerging from memory. The melody that was originally started more than 20 years ago, suddenly found it’s way in to a somewhat modern flavor of sounds and rhythms. The melody was from an idea I had in the late 90’s, something that never was finished. And finally, I can say that the project found it’s place in electronic music. It is a mix of flavours and it certainly has a little unexpected reggae inspired twist. The main genre can best be described as melodic house and techno.

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