Website is slowly progressing

The website is slowly progressing. There are still a lot of features missing and/or not implemented properly yet. The idea is to have a functional website with easy access to information. This include all the releases to come, but also the blog and news, just what you are reading right now. Jamlover Productions uses several different services, and some of them are to be displayed here on the web. The twitterfeed is already in place. Dj mixes posted to Mixcloud are partially in place. At least it is possible to get a feel for the idea.

These are the things you should expect to find:
Mixcloud (information about mixes posted)
Soundcloud (Information about bootlegs, remixes and other songs posted)
Spotify playlists (Information about the playlists maintained by jamlover Productions)
Releases (Information about new and upcoming releases)
Blog (Blog and news, what you are reading right now)
Shop (A way for you to support jamlover Productions buying merchandise. In time the shop could also include many other things like soundpacks, sound design presets or even exclusive releases)

And I believe this list will grow even more as time progresses. Not everything is finalized when it comes to features to include and what not to.

Until next time then…