No matter how much you’re in control, an unexpected surprise may still show up…

There are many ways in how to be involved in the Electronic Music world. Some are DJ’s, some producers and some are both.

One of the things I appreciate with how things are today, is the possibility to take part, even from your own home. Since deciding to leave the whole dj’ing for good (so I thought) more than 10 years ago, it’s clear that joining the dj circus today may seem like an impossible task. I do believe it’s doable. It’s not all about who you know, but now more than ever about what you do yourself.

It is unavoidably true that connections may always tip the scale in your favor, but as long as people search for good music, they will keep looking. So all you have to do is put yourself out there, do your best to actually be found and heard. We all understand how much easier it is wheb you are well connected, with people on the inside. Here I will assume that what if you’re not connected.

Being well connected can make things a lot easier.

Do I know everything about getting into the industry, absolutely not. I believe it’s important with an open mind, always be willing to learn and adapt and be true to yourself. Ask yourself, if you are the kind if guy who is always the expert, always debate things endlessly, and seems untrustworthy, would you even like to be a friend of yourself? Exactly, then be the best version of you that you can be. This include being approachable. As a dj or producer, consider yourself as a professional, and always treat people with a smile and respect. You will earn the respect you want and possibly deserve too. Yes I can promise you days where you’ll feel like a car crash, sadly that’s the world we live in. It’s not perfect, and because of that, not everybody likes electronic music ? ?

Make your own music or remixes can be a smart move.

I believe one of the key things to have in mind is produce music. Make remixes. If you don’t, then at least have a very interesting music collection and style of mixing so that your mixes carries your sound, and hopefully it’s different from everyone else.

To be heard can be a challenge. I’m thinking Mixcloud is a very good choice. There are quite a lot of people on that site, and it seems to be the only place where your mixes won’t be taken down.

Everyone who’s already made it into YouTube say the same, be consistent, be present and active in your community. It simply meana, don’t spam with links to your mixes. Contribute to the discussion, let the people see you have something to offer. Before you know it, they will check out your mixes, and then you’re on your way. This is what I’m doing. I’m completely unknown to most people, but slowly I’m getting followers, and people are listening to my music. It works. Success doesn’t come overnight (normally), but over time.

Just keep working. The only thing you can influence, is what you do yourself.

So what about that inbox that surprised me. Suddenly someone dropped a tweet to feature me as artist of the week or month. Of course I said that’s cool. Then several tweets later my Mixcloud profile where posted by several different people (or bots). Did I gain anything? Not really. As it turned out, it stopped after a couple of days, and if I paid for a subscription it would continue for a month or something like that. I didn’t go for it. I’m still just doing this for fun, and before spending to much money, I’d rather see that my music can bring in a little first, if you know what I mean.

This gives me the chance to say that unexpected things might happen, it may turn into nothing (as in my case), or it could be that golden opportunity you always dreamed about. Thing is, you never know. The only thing you can influence is what you do yourself.

Until next time then.