Back in february 2019 i started feeling like making music again. Being a family man and then set time to creative processes like making music is not always as easy. This is especially true when you already have a full time job. So the process of creating music began slowly. For some time a questioned what software to use. It’s been so long that these early steps was kind of a handful. Still, I manage to make up my mind. Midi controller and a new DAW was purchased. For those who likes technical stuff and details, I can assure you it was nothing fancy. Remember, this is just a hobby, something to do for fun.

The MIDI controller was an Alesis VI25. It’s a very nice controller with full size keys, and it has quite a lot of buttons and pads. It’s a straight forward and versatile controller. I like it a lot. It seems to be taylormade for Ableton. Too bad that’s not the DAW I decided to go for. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Ableton. I’ve tried it, seems to be a good choice, and THE choice for many professionals out there. I chose FL Studio. I got a descent package with a good amount of plugins as well. I know both DAW’s would fulfill all my needs and then some, but there was two aspects that for me ended up being the main reason for FL Studio. Lifetime upgrades and so many really good tutorials online including awesome videos on youtube. That made the choice easy for me. It does everything I need it to do, and it does it well. Furthermore, if I need help, everything is basically available online. Did I already mention Lifetime upgrades?

It’s funny to think back at those moment when I was wondering what DAW I should go for, then finally deciding on one piece of software, that let me start creating music again. After some trials and error, trying to learn how to work the program, I managed to find some grooves and melodies that made me think, perhaps I can manage to put together something that I perhaps can publish, and perhaps release? I have already tried this with 3 songs, that are already available on Spotify and other streaming services. I’ve never taken this part very seriously, but as what is to become my latest song (upcoming release now in October), I’ve started to think, what if I really give it a try, make a website, try and do some PR, try to get the song out there, will it make a difference? Will it be heard? And the most important question, will people like the song?

The products I bought

Alesis VI25 MIDI Controller
FL Studio 20 Signature edition

Tutorials and reading

I have done mastering tutorials, mixing tutorials, read articles online, and from everywhere it seems that creating and releasing songs online at home is possible, even with amateur equipment. So they say. While they say that, they are perfectly placed in perfect distance from their Adam’s expensive high quality monitors, leaning over a professional mixing console with a price tag similar to what you’d expect on cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

In the end, I have now finished my first track with my new DAW, I think the mixing and mastering is good enough. At least I hope so. I guess we will soon find out if it’s possible to to all these things without proper equipment. I can easily imagine that it’s possible to write more blog posts about my adventures into mixing, producing and mastering on low quality equipment, perhaps there is something to learn as we reflect over it.

I will go more into details about the upcoming release “Nightwalk” in a later blog post. But just to give a glimpse, it did take a while to make the song. Because of work and family there’s simply not enough time to sit for hours every day. Instead it was a few minutes here and there, and sometimes a couple of hours, and then a whole week would go by without even opening the project.

Something that is also interesting, is that all of this led me to where I am today. I’m in the process of creating a website, where I can promote my music. And as you probably have noticed, it is set up to act as a digital label. Yes I really do like the idea of having my own label, but for now, I’m moving along with baby steps, still learning a lot, and also figuring out what’s the best thing to do next. I do not have all the answers, I am an amateur, but I do enjoy what I have learned so far. Hopefully you will stick around for the ride, let’s see where the beat will take us. Perhaps there is something of value for others out there, who are wondering about the same things I kept wondering about before I started.

Until next time, enjoy the music, and as Mr. Danny Tenaglia said it, Music is the answer.

Thank you for your time. Hope to see you around.