Christian Antonsen, Artist name: jamlover. DJ, Producer, and owner of jamlover Productions.

My name is Christian Antonsen, a former Dj who goes by the name jamlover. I love to jam and I am spontaneous and creative when it comes to my music, and that is how I got my name. I’m not a conventional mixer, but have a unique style of blending tracks together. That simply means that the next song you expect in a DJ mix, might come as a surprise, or belong to the category; “I didn’t expect that song”. Ever since I started mixing in the mid/late 90’s, I always followed one principal, if it’s possible to match the bpm one way or another it can be mixed.

My last official gig as a DJ was way back in early 2007. Recently, I have once again started finding my way back to the DJ booth, but this time, it’s for you to enjoy online. Electronic music has always been my favorite since I was young. Jean-Michel Jarre and Westbam are among those who have been a major influence to my style in electronic music.